What is the Best Material for Garage Doors?

The material you choose for your garage door is dependent on a variety of factors, from the climate where you live to the level of durability you require and how much time you want to devote to maintenance. We’ve put our expertise to work to showcase some of the most popular, efficient and cost-effective materials […]

Your Guide to Garage Door Repairs

Your garage door needs to be functional at all times, not only so you can gain access to your belongings but also to protect it against theft or vandalism, and to keep you and your family safe from injury. Depending on the problem, it might be something you can fix yourself or you may need […]

Adding A Home Electric Car Charging Port

In recent times, the popularity of electric cars seems to be growing throughout the UK, as government incentives and specially designed charging stations are now in place to cater for electric car owners. In fact, Ecotricity, the company that has installed the first and biggest charging network along the UK’s motorways, has detailed this increase […]

A Complete Guide to Automated Garage Doors

Automation makes our routines so much easier and quicker, and it can be applied to your garage door too. But what benefits can an automated garage door provide, and do they deliver greater security? Here’s our complete guide to automated garage doors and what to consider before buying one. The benefits of automation The primary […]

How to Make Sustainable Choices for Your Garage

When it comes to creating a modern and efficient home, more and more consumers are seeking sustainable options that are not only more effective but also better for the planet. There’s a bigger choice than ever in terms of products and materials that look great, deliver great results and reduce your carbon footprint at the […]

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