How to make your garage environmentally friendly

Many homeowners want to do more to help the environment, making eco-friendly decisions throughout their properties. But a large number might forget that the garage is a key part of the home when it comes to being green. Here we take a look at how you can make your garage more environmentally friendly. A modern […]

Revisit to Surrey Project

Almost a year ago we worked with an acclaimed architect and a luxury home developer on a unique project in Surrey. We’ve been back this week to see the finished garage doors and they look absolutely stunning. We were involved from the start to ensure the Hormann Open For Infill (OFI) chassis were installed in […]

Retractable or Canopy Gearing?

We hope this will help in choosing the right lifting gear for your new up and over garage door. Canopy gearing system – the door panel runs vertically on tracks on the side frame with a spring assembly on the top of the frame.  The panel will retract in to the garage by approximately two thirds leaving the remainder […]

The Best Garages in Cinema

  Our garages are sanctuaries. Filled with much-loved relics from years past, DIY projects-in-progress and, of course, our cars, the garage is an indispensable part of our homes. That said, there are a few fictional characters we might trade with… Cameron Frye’s House Can’t place the name? Cameron Frye is the hypochondriacal best friend of […]

3 Garage Inventions Which Changed the World

There’s something about garages which makes them so appealing to the creative mind. Whether it’s the isolation from distractions, or simply the functional nature of the space, some of the world’s most famous creations were all made possible thanks to the trusty garage workspace. Perhaps the most revolutionary on this list is the Apple computer. […]

5 Common Myths about Garage Doors Debunked

The garage is an important part of your property. Whether you’ve just started your search for a new garage door or you’ve stopped using yours entirely, it could be the case that you are influenced by some ‘facts’ about them that aren’t true at all. Here we debunk five of the most common myths about […]

Famous rock bands that started life in a garage

Would you believe that the beginnings of Rock ‘n’ Roll can be traced back to the humble garage? Back in the 1950s and 1960s, forming a band with friends and rehearsing in your parents’ garage was the antidote to commercially manufactured music that increasingly failed to speak to the youngsters of the day. Born in […]

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