The pros and cons of common garage door materials

Whether you’re planning to put your home on the market in the new year or simply want to give your property a facelift, redesigning your garage presents you with a huge array of options. At Wessex Garage Doors, we understand that deciding on the right colour, style and material for your home can be a […]

Retractable or Canopy Gearing?

We hope this will help in choosing the right lifting gear for your new up and over garage door. Canopy gearing system – the door panel runs vertically on tracks on the side frame with a spring assembly on the top of the frame.  The panel will retract in to the garage by approximately two thirds leaving the remainder […]

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Garage Extension

As house prices soar and the mentality of “improve, don’t move” sets in, we’ve worked with an increasing number of clients who are choosing to extend their home by adding a garage. Properly planned and constructed, building a garage to can not only provide you with a safe space to store your car but give […]

How to keep your garage as safe as possible

In our last post we talked about the all-important ways to keep your children safe in the garage, including a list of measures that should help prevent your little ones from getting hurt or trapped. The fact is, between teetering stacks of boxes, leaking chemicals and misaligned doors, the garage can be a hazardous space […]

Essential Garage Door Maintenance: 4 Simple Steps

Winter takes its toll on all parts of our homes, but garage doors often get forgotten about in the hurry to get back inside to the warmth. Most households actually get more use out of their garage doors over the colder months (it saves you defrosting your windshield every morning), so it only makes sense […]

Which is best, metal or wood?

Choosing a new garage door is a big decision. For many homeowners, a brand-new door is a considerable financial investment, and it’s important that it will both complement the style of your home and stay secure for years to come. Garage doors now come in more colours and materials than ever, but there are two […]

Roller Garage Doors: The Pros and Cons

Garage doors aren’t just for keeping our cars secure anymore; they are a vital part of our home aesthetics. It’s the main reason why buying new garage doors can feel like such a big decision, and also why, at Wessex Garage Doors, we do what we can to make that choice easier. If you’re considering […]

Common Garage Door Faults and How to Fix Them

A professionally-fitted garage door will give you years of convenience, and help you to make the most of your garage in every season. If you start to notice issues with your door mechanism, it’s important to address them as soon as you can to prevent the problem getting gradually worse. Here are four of the […]

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