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Here at Wessex Garage Doors, our dedicated team offer a comprehensive selection of wooden garage doors which can truly transform your home. Whatever style of property you might have, we can provide the perfect timber door to give it an attractive and welcoming feel. Read more about the types of timber doors and information about our commitment to sustainability.

Manufacturers for Wooden Garage Doors

Garador, Woodrite, Cedar Door and Novoferm are our chosen manufactures for wooden garage doors. With a wide range of stunning designs and woods to choose from, we can help you find the right door for your home. Below we have a selection of the doors available from our manufactures. For the full range, please contact us for a brochure.

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Garador’s range of stunning timber doors are created using either solid red cedar wood or a high quality mix of red cedar and plywood. Available in a broad range of styles, there is guaranteed to be something that will suit the aesthetic of your home. Click here to find out more.



Woodrite are a specialist manufacturer of wooden garage doors, and have a strong reputation for quality, durability and aesthetic. Working with cedar, oak and idigbo, you’ll have the option to choose from a range of stunning options to find the one that is right for your home. Click here to find out more.



Cedar Door specialise in elegant timber doors in beautiful period designs. They offer stunning warmth and elegance to your home whether you are interested in panelled or boarded designs. Click here to find out more.



Founded in 1955, Novoferm is one of the largest European system suppliers of doors, wooden garage doors, frames and operators for private and commercial applications. Click here to find out more.


  • How long are your garage doors guaranteed for?

    At Wessex Garage Doors we have complete confidence in the doors we provide and install, so we offer a one year installation warranty from the date of install in addition to the manufacturers’ terms and conditions. For more details please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of staff who will be happy to provide you with any information you need.

  • Can you insulate a timber garage door?

    Yes, you can insulate a wooden garage door. Insulation provides several benefits, from energy efficiency for your garage to increased protection for your belongings stored inside and noise reduction.

    Our prices for a standard installation start from £150, while electric garage doors and other more complicated installations may incur a higher fee of up to around £250. If you want us to carry out the installation please let us know and we will arrange a free site survey so that we can provide you with an accurate quotation for the work.

  • How do I maintain a wooden door?

    Timber garage doors require maintenance to keep them looking and functioning their best. In addition to regular servicing, we recommend that you treat the door with an appropriate product to protect the wood, to make ongoing maintenance easier and protect against water damage, and lubricate moving parts to keep them functioning well.

  • What is the best wood for a garage door?

    There are various types of wood to choose from, based on your budget, the look you’re trying to achieve and the properties of the wood. Cedar, for example, is one of the most popular woods for garage doors as it’s resistant to moisture damage and pests, and it’s lighter for less pressure on the door mechanism. Mahogany offers durability and won’t warp or sag, while reclaimed wood can be a great choice if you want a sustainable solution.

  • Are wooden garage doors secure?

    Solid timber garage doors are hardwearing and durable, so they provide great security. But there are also ways to enhance security if it’s a concern, such as choosing a roller or sectional garage door, upgrading the locks on your door and adding CCTV to your home.

  • How much does a wood garage door cost?

    The answer to this question varies based on the type and size of garage door you choose, the type of wood you would like, and whether you want additional features such as insulation.

    We will always endeavour to provide you with the best possible price to have a garage door installed. Our value for money is second to none, so if you have been offered a better price on a ‘like for like’ product elsewhere please get in contact with us and we will be able to get you a better deal.

We Supply and Install Garage Doors at Market Leading Prices

We offer a wide selection of wooden garage doors available in a range of different timbers. Whatever the look you are after, we have a bespoke design to suit.

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CARTECK Sectional Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors offer the ultimate in practicality and as such can be fitted to almost any garage.



Up and Over Garage Doors

Our popular up & over garage doors are mounted on tracks that run across the ceiling of your garage



Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors combine the ultimate in durability and style, and are built by some of the leading manufacturers.


Cardale Thermaglide 77 Mocca brown 3 Roller Doors

Roller Garage Doors

Mounted on tracks that run up the side of the door. As the door rolls up it is stored in a barrel-like compartment.



GRP Garage Doors

Glass Reinforced Polyester garage doors are renowned for their strength, stability and resilience.


Bespoke Garage Doors

Over the years, we’ve created bespoke products that fit the needs of numerous customers and we take pride in our ability to tailor our products for a custom service.



Automatic Garage Doors

We provide high-quality automated garage doors. Our expert team will work with your particular specifications to help find the perfect door for your property, whatever your budget may be.


Types of Garage Doors

All Types of Garage Doors

Not sure what kind of garage door you want for your property? We can help! Get in touch for our advice about the right type of garage door for your property and budget.


Maintaining Your Wooden Garage Door

We can help ensure that your wooden door remains a secure and beautiful feature entrance for years to come, by maintaining it to a first-class standard. To find out more about the full range of services we can provide, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team today.

Types of Wooden Garage Door

Our wooden garage doors are available in a range of opening mechanisms and timbers. Whether you’d prefer cedar, hemlock, pine or something else entirely, our doors can be constructed in any style or type – from the practical up and over design to the stylish sectional. We also fully treat all garage doors we sell to protect them against the weather and fungal attack.

To find out more about each specific type of door we can offer, please see below:

Up & Over Garage Doors

Our up & over timber garage doors are available in a variety of colours and styles. They can be manual or automated, and represent a fantastic entry level option.

Timber Side Hinged Garage Doors

Available in a range of colours and styles, our side hinged garage doors can be manual or automated and are the perfect option if you’re looking for easy access.

Sectional Garage Doors

Whether you’d prefer a manual or automated garage door, our range of sectional garage doors are some of the most secure on the market. They also come in a variety of materials, including cedar, pine, hemlock, and more.


Having supplied countless timber garage doors to homes throughout the south of England, we understand our customers’ concerns regarding the environmental impact of owning a wooden door. As such, our team here at Wessex Garage Doors are strongly committed to helping the environment, doing our bit to protect the planet and alleviate our customers’ concerns. When producing our timber doors, we only use high-quality renewable sources to make your new door as ecological as possible. Once we have completed the job, we make sure to clear any leftover waste materials and recycle them correctly as well.

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