We’ve Got The Boys For The Job!

With over 100 years experience between them, our Surveyors and Installation Engineers are available to advise or put right, most if not all, garage door issues. At the planning stage our expert team can advise you on practicable door openings, best product, style and finish and we offer a free site survey guaranteeing a perfectly […]

Winter Ready?!

Is your garage door winter ready?  It’s important that your garage door is serviced, and repaired if necessary, on a regular basis – the same as your car.  Our Service Engineers have years’ of experience in many makes of garage doors and they can make sure you aren’t left out in the cold on those […]

Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage Door

When carrying out spring cleaning duties, many overlook the importance of cleaning the exterior of their homes and focus on the interior instead. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your garage door will not only enhance the look of your property, it will also give you the chance to inspect your garage door, checking all the […]

How To Fix A Dent In Your Garage Door

Aluminium and steel are both materials utilised for their durability and low maintenance qualities, making them the leading choice with homeowners for garage doors. Despite this, one significant disadvantage of using such materials is that they dent easily when accidentally knocked into. Depending on what your garage and driveway are used for, your garage door […]

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