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Common garage door problems and how to fix them

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Garage doors are durable and offer fantastic longevity when they are built to the highest standards. But even the doors with the finest build quality can experience problems. Here are some of the most common issues and what you can do about them.

The problem: automatic garage door won’t close

If you have an automated garage door it can be very frustrating if it won’t open or close correctly. The reality is that there can be many reasons why this might be the case, so further investigation is almost always necessary.

The solution:

One of the most common reasons for automatic doors failing to close is that safety sensors get knocked or accidentally moved, putting them out of alignment, and stopping the door from moving. If you’ve got a problem closing the doors, check these sensors as your first priority.

The problem: the garage door makes a lot of noise

It is very common for garage doors to squeak, creek or grind, however when these sorts of noises become loud and very regular, it could be time to look into the problem. This is especially true if you hear any sudden loud bangs or something that you have never heard before.

The solution:

In many cases it is as simple as making sure that the moving parts of your garage door are lubricated. Lubricant such as WD-40 will generally do wonders in fixing creaking or squeaking hinges or motor rails. In the event of loud or unexpected sounds, however, it may well mean that something has snapped or broken. This will require expert assistance.

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The problem: the opening mechanism is stiff

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Is your garage starting to feel very heavy or stiff when you attempt to open it? This is likely to be a problem with the tracks.

The solution:

The first step in this scenario is that you need to ensure that the tracks are clean and that there is nothing making things difficult for the rollers. Clean out any dirt and inspect the whole of the track – this could also be a good time to add some lubricant to ensure smooth running. If you do find any dents, warped areas or other physical issues on the track, it may be necessary to get in a garage door technician to deal with the problem.

The problem: the garage door will not stay open

It is also common to see garage doors that open up with no trouble, but will not stay locked in place if they are not held open.

The solution:

It is most often the case that garage doors that refuse to stay open are caused by issues with the spring or spring system. It should be noted here that dealing with springs can be dangerous work, and it should only be carried out by technicians or those very experienced in garage door maintenance.

The problem: the automatic door simply won’t work

If you have an issue where the automatic door simply won’t budge or respond to the button being pressed on the remote, there could be a number of issues.

The solution:

Have you check the batteries? This is by far the most common problems, and thankfully also very easily solved. Simply swap out the dead batteries for fresh ones. If, however, you have tried changing the battery and are still having no success, the problem is likely to be mechanical and you will need a garage door engineer to look into it.

The problem: the door gets stuck part way through operating

Another issue is when the doors will start to operate but always stop in the same place every time. Garage doors are precision engineering pieces of machinery, so small obstructions or problems and cause the door to stop.

The solution:

Check the mechanism for any gravel, leaves or twigs that could be stopping the door from rolling smoothly. If you can’t find anything obvious then you’ll need to bring in an experienced technician to have a look.

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