Essential Garage Door Maintenance: 4 Simple Steps

Winter takes its toll on all parts of our homes, but garage doors often get forgotten about in the hurry to get back inside to the warmth. Most households actually get more use out of their garage doors over the colder months (it saves you defrosting your windshield every morning), so it only makes sense […]

Service Passport Scheme

Once a garage door is installed we are able to offer an aftercare service that will ensure the door functions as it did when it was first fitted. Most garage doors require servicing annually to ensure the ‘safe and reliable’ cover provided by the manufacturer is maintained.  These manufacturers require the door to be serviced […]

Tips for Organising Your Garage

  Now the novelty of summer is wearing off, it’s time to put the summer sun to good use (or at least, the next time we see it). If your garage has descended into chaos over the colder months, it’s time to spend a couple of days getting it organised again so you can finally […]

How to look after your garage door

Garage doors are a long-lasting investment. But it’s important that you do everything you can to keep them in excellent condition. Here are our top tips for how to look after your garage door. Check the door periodically The best way for you to look after your door is to understand its condition. That means […]

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