4 common types of garage door lock

Garage security is key, literally. Thieves will unfortunately take advantage of poorly protected homes, breaking and entering if the opportunity presents itself. Did you know that the garage is one of the most common break-in points for homes? Even if you don’t have anything valuable in your garage, upgrading your garage security to protect your […]

Latest Project – Carteck Insulated Sectional

Here we have installed a Carteck insulated garage door in a wood effect colour called ‘Night Oak’. Carteck GSW-40 sectional garage doors have 40mm thick insulated panels, constructed of an outer and inner steel skin separated by a foam filled core, ideal for thermal and acoustic applications. This steel panel construction gives the sectional door […]

8 Tips to Keep Your Home and Garden Secure

Statistics have shown that the majority of theft and burglaries from private property is committed by amateurs and opportunists, rather than professionals. Taking just a few steps to make your home is visibly less attractive to potential thieves can save the heartbreak and stress of a break-in. Here are our top tips for securing your […]

Can You Afford Not To Secure & Insure Your Garage?

The things you keep in your outbuildings can be worth thousands of pounds – your lawnmower, power tools, bikes and, of course, your car! But sometimes locking them away isn’t enough to keep them protected from determined burglars and professional thieves, so you must ensure that should they manage to break in, that your belongings […]

How Secure Is Your Garage Door?

Your garage door is one of the largest entrances to your home, and without proper security, it can also be one of the most vulnerable. Even if you choose one of the most secure garage doors on the market, it’s always wise to take a few extra steps to overcome any potential weaknesses that could […]

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