Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage Door

Cleaning productsWhen carrying out spring cleaning duties, many overlook the importance of cleaning the exterior of their homes and focus on the interior instead. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your garage door will not only enhance the look of your property, it will also give you the chance to inspect your garage door, checking all the mechanisms are in top working order.

Our experts at Wessex Garage Doors have compiled a list of top tips to help you give your garage door a thorough spring clean and prolong its life in the process.

Prior to cleaning

Preparation is key before carrying out any cleaning task, so it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary equipment before you begin cleaning your garage door. You will require:

  • a bucket or washing up bowl
  • a hose
  • gentle soap or detergent
  • an old cloth

Cleaning the exterior surface of the garage door

The following cleaning process will help to extend your garage door’s usability, improve its appearance and prevent the development of corrosion on its surface:

  1. Begin by spraying the surface of the garage door with your hose
  2. Then, gently wipe the door using an old cloth which has been soaked in warm soapy water
  3. Apply a light spray from the hose to rinse off any excess soapy water and allow to dry
  4. Once the surface of the door is completely dry, apply a coat of paint if necessary (as general wear and tear may have caused your door to become weathered)
  5. If you have noticed that your garage door is suffering from more stubborn marks than dirt such as grease or oil stains, try using diluted bleach instead of soap when wiping the surface of the door
  • Metal garage doors

Once you have finished cleaning, we recommend that you apply a layer of specialist wax to keep the door in good condition and protect the finish of the metal.

  • Painted garage doorsModern garage doors

It’s important to inspect your painted garage door during the cleaning process, keeping an eye out for any paint flaking or warping on the surface, or indications of the metal underneath the paint showing through. That way, you can detect any signs of rust which will mean your door needs repainting to prevent corrosion.

Cleaning the interior of the garage door

Using the above cleaning method, remove any dirt or grime on the interior of your garage door (particularly in the tracks) as this can damage the door’s mechanisms if it isn’t dealt with correctly.

While the inside of your garage door cannot typically be seen from the exterior of your property, keeping it clean and well-maintained will improve its overall longevity and functionality.

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Wessex Garage Doors

If you find any damage when cleaning and inspecting your garage door, it must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Here at Wessex Garage Doors we offer a comprehensive repairs service to ensure your garage door remains fully functional and safe to use.

Alternatively, if your garage door is beyond repair and needs to be replaced entirely, we also provide a host of high quality garage door designs suitable for all budgets, including:

Simply get in touch with our friendly team today for further information or to arrange a free home visit and survey.

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