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How to remove dents in your metal garage door

If you have a metal garage door, chances are that it is made out of aluminium or steel. These materials are used for their durability and low maintenance properties, hence their popularity. On the downside, aluminium or steel garage doors can dent easily when you knock into them by accident.

While you may not be too bothered about small accidental door dings, large dents are not only highly visible, they’re unsightly. You may be tempted to simply replace the whole door. But before you rush out and spend a lot of money on buying a new garage door, try these few inexpensive and time-saving DIY techniques first to see if you can remove the dent yourself. Or, we can do it for you:

White Garage Door With A Dent

What equipment is needed to fix dented door panels?

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Collect together the necessary tools and items for the job. Most of these can be found around the house; the rest are easily available from your local hardware shop:

• Medium sized bucket
• Washing up liquid
• Garden hose
• Large sponge
• Strong aluminium foil
• Standard lighter
• Can of compressed air (such as used for cleaning computer keyboards)

Fixing the dent with heat

Next, follow this step-by-step process to fix your garage door dents:

1. Fill the bucket with warm soapy water and thoroughly sponge down the dented area until all dirt and grime have been removed. Make sure the affected area is completely clean and dry before proceeding to the next step.

2. Cut enough foil to cover the dented area plus extra at both ends to hold on to. Place the foil on the dent to completely cover it, keeping it in place with one hand, then heat the entire area with the flame from a lighter for about 60 seconds.

3. Remove the foil and hold the compressed air can upside down, spraying the dent for 30 seconds. Holding the can upside down can cause carbon dioxide to be released, which is necessary for removing the dent.

4. As a result of the extreme heat differences between the heat from the lighter and the cold from the carbon dioxide, the dent should pop back into place. Within 2 minutes it should have completely disappeared.

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Use suction cups

If you have access to suction cups, they can be a really effective way to remove minor dents in your door. In a similar way to how you’d use suction cups to repair a car door or siding, suction cups adhere to the metal to pull it outwards. The suction method is effective for small or medium-sized dents and can be a fast way to smooth out the dents without causing damage to the rest of the door. However, it won’t work on larger dents, so assess the size of the damage before using this method.

Hammer the dent out

If you have an aluminium door, these are easy to hammer out because they’re more malleable. First, clean the dented surface with a mild soap and water mixture, then get a block and a mallet and move to the opposite side of the door, placing the block over the dent. Gently tap this section with the mallet until the area is flush with the rest of the panel. If you’re tackling a deeper dent, you may need to use a fine grit sandpaper and appropriate filler to remedy the dent.

Fixing steel dents

The metal your door is made from makes all the difference to how you fix it. Aluminium is softer and may be easier to mend, but steel is tougher and requires a different approach. You’ll need to use a steel door filling compound to resolve dents in your door. To start, wash the surface of the door to remove any dirt and debris, and let it dry fully. Sand the area gently with the suggested grit level and wipe the dust away before using a putty knife to apply the compound. Sand again once fully dry using a fine grit sandpaper and prime it, ready for painting to blend the area with the rest of the door.

Check for damaged parts

When your door gets dented, you need to check more than just the area that’s been hit. A bang to the door could affect the operation of the door, as well as other elements such as the insulation, tracks or springs. Trying to use your door with the dent in place could result in it getting stuck or put unnecessary pressure on the frame and tracks. If your garage door has been hit, we recommend that you have it examined by a professional before using it, even if the dent is minor, to make sure that everything is working as it should.

If your DIY dent repair has been successful, well done to you! But if it’s still there, it’s time to call in the professionals. Wessex Garage Doors have 25+ years’ industry experience and a vast knowledge of garage doors. Our engineers are fully trained in quickly repairing any fault and restoring your door back to the way it should be. No matter how small or large the problem is, we are committed to providing a first-rate service at highly competitive prices. For more information and plenty of free expert advice, call us on 01737 309 103 or message your enquiry here.

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