How To Fix A Dent In Your Garage Door

Garage Door DentAluminium and steel are both materials utilised for their durability and low maintenance qualities, making them the leading choice with homeowners for garage doors. Despite this, one significant disadvantage of using such materials is that they dent easily when accidentally knocked into.

Depending on what your garage and driveway are used for, your garage door may be subject to bumps and collisions, so if your children use this space as a play area or you regularly load objects from your garage to your car, make sure great care is taken to avoid any extreme damage!

Severe dents in your garage door can create rather unsightly results, so it may be tempting to replace the door entirely. However, before rushing out to make this grand purchase, there are a few inexpensive and time-saving DIY techniques to completely get rid of the dent.

What You’ll Need

*Proceed at your own caution. We cannot be held responsible for any injuries or further damage! If in doubt, contact a professional!* 

Bucket soapy waterBefore undertaking any dent fixing projects, preparation is key. Make sure you have all the necessary items easily accessible, most of which can be found around the house already and the remaining products can be purchased from a local DIY store for minimal cost:

  • Medium size bucket
  • Dish soap
  • Outdoor hose
  • Large sponge
  • Heavy duty aluminium foil
  • Standard lighter
  • Can of compressed air (used for cleaning keyboards)

Step-By-Step Process

The following process provides a simple, cost-effective way of fixing your dent as quickly as possible:

  1. Using the outdoor hose, fill the bucket up with warm water and add soap until the water becomes sudsy. Thoroughly wash the dented area with a sponge until all the dirt and grime has been removed; the area must be completely clean and dry before moving on to the next step.
  2. Unroll enough foil to cover the dented area, while giving yourself enough room to hold the foil at both ends. Cut the piece of foil from the roll and keep nearby within easy reach, along with the lighter and air can
  3. Lay the foil against the dent so it is completely covered, using one hand to hold the foil and keep it in place
  4. Take the lighter and move over the dented area, making sure the entire area is covered with the flame with a consistent motion for 60 seconds. Please note, it is essential that the entire area is heated
  5. Remove the foil from the area and hold the air can upside down, spraying the dent with the upside down can for 30 seconds. This position of the can causes carbon dioxide to be released which is a trigger for removing the dent, so the can must be held upside down

Due to the temperature extremes between the heat of the lighter and the cold from the carbon dioxide, the dent should pop back into place and completely disappear within two minutes.

This simple and effective process shows that removing a garage door dent does not require any specialist skills or equipment. However, if the dent is being persistent and won’t disappear, it is recommended that you draw upon the expertise of a professional garage door repair company.


With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our expert team of garage door engineers are fully trained in quickly repairing any fault, restoring your garage door back to a fully functioning condition in no time.

No matter how extreme the damage is, we are dedicated to making your safety our absolute priority, providing top quality services for highly competitive prices.

For further information or free expert advice, simply contact us by telephone or online today!


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