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Garage door dimensions detailed

Garage doors come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different vehicles and storage needs. One of the most common questions our customers ask us is: ‘What are the standard garage door dimensions?’ As garage door designs and the average size of homes and vehicles have changed over the years, the standard garage door measurements have too to meet new demands.

But understanding garage door dimensions is important when selecting a new garage door or replacing an existing one. This article will help clarify the standard dimensions for single and double garage doors, so you can decide which size will best suit your requirements.

Standard one door and two door dimensions

Standard one door and two door dimensions

As a general rule of thumb, the standard garage door dimensions are:

  • Single door: 7ft (2,134 mm) x 7ft (2,134 mm)
  • Double door: 14ft (4,267 mm) x 7ft (2,134 mm) or 16ft (4,877 mm) x 7ft (2,134 mm)

As the name suggests, a single garage door provides enough space for one vehicle, and a double door (note: this is not two single doors) is wide enough to accommodate larger or multiple vehicles.

It’s worth noting that these measurements can be affected by several factors, including:

  • Building regulations
  • Width of your garage
  • Garage door design

There’s also the option to choose a custom garage door which is bespoke to your property’s unique dimensions. This is particularly useful for homeowners who have a non-standard-sized garage or a unique vehicle that requires a larger or smaller door.

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What to consider when choosing a garage door

Don’t forget the space needed to open the door

Each type of garage door has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the type that best suits your needs and preferences. Some styles of garage door can take up more space when you’re opening them than others, meaning a different sized door is needed.

For example, up and over garage doors require more depth when the door is open to allow for extra headroom. To accommodate such restrictions, hiring the expertise of a professional garage door company will ensure the height, width and depth of your garage door is big enough when open.

Check the size of your car

Changes in car design have generally made vehicles wider, taller and longer than in previous times, which can impact the size of garage door you need. Taking this into account, if you are looking to replace your current door, accurate measurements of your vehicle’s size must be taken to ensure it fits properly.

Similarly, if you have two cars that you plan on storing in a double garage, make sure you have enough room for both, so you have no trouble fitting everything in and getting the vehicles in and out.

Vehicles for single garage doors

Knowing what size of vehicle is best for residential garage doors is relative to each and every property, as there are a variety of sizes available. Typically, the standard height and width of a single garage door is seven or eight feet, making it perfectly suited to storing your belongings or for one of the following vehicles:

  • Car
  • Van
  • SUV
  • Small truck

If your vehicle is larger than those listed above or your household has more than one vehicle to store, you should consider getting a bigger garage door such as a double door.

Vehicles for double garage doors

A double garage door is perfect if you need the extra space, such as to accommodate a larger vehicle or if you’re a household with several vehicles. You may also need a double garage door if you own an RV.

It’s worth noting that more room is required for RVs to fit through, so you must keep in mind that the specifications will need to be 16’ wide by 8’ tall garage door and 9’ ceiling, depending on the dimensions of your RV.

Garage doors for bigger vehicles

If you have a larger vehicle, you may want to choose a sectional door. The versatility of sectional garage doors means they can be fitted to almost any size or shape of garage, making it perfect for larger cars which require more space. Sectional doors are available in a selection of styles and materials, and they work by gliding up effortlessly with the door itself stored in the garage roof on horizontal tracks. This means that no additional space is taken up by the door, leaving plenty of room for your vehicle.

Here at Wessex Garage Doors, we supply and install garage door products from leading manufacturers such as Hormann, Cardale and Garador. As such, you can be sure to find the ideal door which will accommodate the size and shape of your vehicle, taking any restrictions into consideration. For further information or professional advice, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team today.

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