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The Future of Garage Door Design: The Latest Trends

Richmond Blog Post

The humble garage door has come a long way over the years. Once a purely functional mechanism focused on just opening and closing, garage doors today have evolved to become integral parts of a home’s security, convenience and curb appeal.

From smart features for convenience to myriad customisation options, innovative materials to improved safety, garage doors of the future already look quite different from those of the past. Touchscreens, voice controls, cloud connectivity and AI are entering the world of garage door openers and will no doubt change how we interact with these formerly mundane property features. For now, these are the latest trends that homeowners are adopting for the upcoming year.


Smarter Electric Openers

Modern electric garage doors seamlessly integrate with smart home ecosystems for enhanced convenience and control as standard. New electric opener models are incorporating wireless connectivity, voice controls and app integration for next-level automation.

Homeowners can use smart speakers or phone apps to open and close their doors with voice commands or the tap of a button from anywhere, and door status and alerts can also be remotely monitored. This convenience provides safety and security when away from home. Electric openers can then also connect with other smart devices and security systems. For example, opening the garage door could trigger pathway lighting or deactivate the alarm, and sensors could detect if the door is accidentally left open and automatically close it.


Modern Traditional

Traditional and classically inspired garage door styles stand the test of time for good reason. Decade after decade, these timeless designs maintain popularity among homeowners looking to add beauty and elevate kerb appeal. But now homeowners want a contemporary twist, achieving the traditional look using modern, innovative materials that provide enhanced benefits.

For homeowners who love the look of wood but not the downsides, glass reinforced polymer (GRP) garage doors provide the perfect solution. Also known as fiberglass, GRP can be engineered to replicate the texture and grain of wood while delivering superior durability. GRP offers the beauty of real wood without concerns over cracking, rotting or splintering.

Modern digital printing technology allows the look of natural cedar, maple, pine or other wood types to be reproduced on the GRP surface with precision. This blending of old and new provides homeowners with garage doors that are just as beautiful as traditional wood versions, but with more durability and functionality.

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Embracing Maximalism

Less is no longer more when it comes to garage door design. The trend is shifting toward maximalism – packing in decorative details and flourishes to create a high-visual impact and a door that truly stands out. Homeowners are now viewing their garage doors as an opportunity to elevate the look of their home exterior through the strategic use of trim, hardware, inlays and other accents.

Small touches like added faux wood trim, decorative handles or hinges go a long way in taking a standard garage door from drab to dramatic. For a more striking look, adding windows provides natural light and a touch of architectural elegance. Likewise, using dimensional designs like carriage style panels or contemporary inlays gives decorative depth and detail to an otherwise flat surface. By creatively using extra touches like these, a mundane garage door becomes a work of art.


Camouflaging Your Door

While high contrast, maximalist doors can make a dramatic statement, some homeowners prefer garage doors that seamlessly blend into the home’s exterior. The camouflaged look provides a monochromatic, harmonious aesthetic that makes the garage door disappear into the facade. Sleek and elegant, matching the garage door colour precisely to the existing paintwork helps it visually recede. This unified appearance looks upscale and custom.

Beyond just colour, factors like matching architectural styles, hardware finishes and material textures also help the garage seem like a natural extension of the rest of the home. Blending the garage door seamlessly into the exterior achieves a clean, custom appearance that accentuates the home’s architecture, allowing the door to complement rather than compete with the rest of the home.

Upgrade Your Garage Door Today

The garage door of the future promises to be smarter, safer and more stylish than ever before. Ongoing innovation in materials, design and technology are reimagining the humble garage door into an integral component of your home’s kerb appeal. Contact Wessex Garage Doors today to book a survey and arrange a free quote for your new garage door.

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