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Four Pieces of Time-Saving Technology for your Garden

From microwave ovens to smart thermostats, anything that makes our day easier is usually a welcome addition to our homes. The good news is that time-saving tech isn’t just limited to the indoors, and there are plenty of ways to reduce the tedious outdoor tasks that plague everyday life.

Lighting sensors

There are more options than ever for outdoor lighting. While motion-sensor floodlights are an excellent choice for security, they can be a bit intense for dining al fresco or garden soirees, so it’s best to mix them with softer, accent lights. Solar-powered fittings are the most convenient and cost-effective, and are available in almost any style. Staked lamps are perfect for nestling in planters and illuminating pathways, while fairy-lights and festoons look great on trellises.

Automatic garage doors

Whether you physically struggle with traditional doors or are simply fed up with repeatedly getting in and out of your car, getting your garage open can easily be reduced to the click of a button. Automated garage doors are surprisingly affordable, and are available in different designs to suit your home. If your existing door is in good condition then you might not even need to replace it – just arrange for an automated device to be fitted to your current doors and you’re set.

Intelligent sprinklers

Smarter sprinkler technology has significantly improved the effectiveness of these little gadgets, and with a little effort setting it up, a sprinkler system can eliminate the tedium of watering your plants. Using a timer, and temperature and moisture sensors, your sprinkler can calculate when it’s actually needed. This way you don’t waste water when it’s already raining, or risk damaging your pipes in freezing weather. Make sure to position your sprinkler heads effectively too – after all, your driveway and paths don’t need a drink!

Robot lawn mowers

While you’re at it, why not automate your lawnmowing? Admittedly, smart lawnmowers start at around £500, which might be pushing the limits of most of our budgets. However, that might sound like a reasonable price to pay for never having to push a manual mower around again.

Splashing out a little more will also get you a more intelligent device, capable of sensing rain and self-charging. All you have to do is mark out the perimeter of your lawn (unless you want your flowers trimmed too), then sit back with a cold drink while your robot servant does the rest.

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