My Garage Door Key Is Stuck In The Lock

The last thing you need when rushing to work or dropping the kids off at school is for your key to break in the garage door lock. Before racing to call a locksmith to fix the problem in a panic, with patience and the correct tools you may be able to retrieve the key out of the lock yourself.

key in a lock

The top tips featured in this article will provide advice on what action to take and what not to do when your garage door key gets stuck in the lock.

Tools You’ll Need

When carrying out this task yourself, you will require the following equipment:

  • Lock lubricant spray
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle-nosed pliers
  • Blade of a Coping saw or Jig saw

Process of Removing A Stuck Key

  1. Start by spraying the lock lubricant into the keyhole to loosen up the components.
  2. Inspect the lock to check how far the key was inserted before it broke. Grasping the head of the key, take a look through the keyhole to see if the part you’re holding includes some of the cuts on the key. If this is the case and the key has broken in the middle, the lock is probably still aligned so the key can be taken in and out.

Alternatively, if the part of the key you are holding only includes the key head and none of the cuts, the key was most probably turned some of the way before it broke. In this case, you must insert a screwdriver into the lock and turn it back to its original vertical position.

  1. The next step is to try and pull the broken key out by gently inserting the pliers into the keyhole. You must not be too vigorous when using this technique as you may make the problem worse and cause serious damage to your lock.
  2. If the previous step proved unsuccessful, insert the blade of the saw into the keyhole with the teeth facing down. Continue to push the blade into the lock until the teeth catch one of the cuts on the key. Once you feel this, pull the blade out of the keyhole and you should retrieve the key too.

What not to do!

You must not be too forceful when attempting to remove your broken garage door key from the lock as this can damage the mechanism and cause the problem to escalate. You must also not take on more than you can handle, so it’s important to recognise when the issue is out of your hands and it’s time to contact a professional.

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