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How to make your garage environmentally friendly

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Many homeowners want to do more to help the environment, making eco-friendly decisions throughout their properties. But a large number might forget that the garage is a key part of the home when it comes to being green. Here we take a look at how you can make your garage more environmentally friendly.

A modern garage door

It can be overlooked just how important a garage door is, not only to the environmentally-friendliness of your garage – but the whole of your home. Older garage doors can be bent out of shape or no longer fit the opening perfectly. Buying a new garage can remedy both of these problems, but additionally modern garage doors are typically far better insulated.

You can also guarantee that your new garage door fits perfectly. This has huge benefits in terms of keeping in heat. When warm air cannot escape through the garage it means that you aren’t spending excessively on heating to re-heat the house.


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It’s not just the door that should be insulated. The whole of your garage can actually lose heat from your home very quickly if it has not been insulated properly. It is a great idea, then, to invest in high-quality green insulation.

Without insulation the air in the garage can be much cooler and this can leak into the house, once again causing the need to spend more on environmentally-damaging heating. Now could be the perfect time to make the proper investment in insulation, especially if you are installing a new garage door at the same time.

Energy efficient lightbulbs

Once again, this issue here is that the garage is often an overlooked part of the house. You may well have already installed energy-efficient lighting throughout the whole of your property, but it can be so easy to forget that the garage has lights too, and these are quite often some of the most environmentally-damaging types.

Energy efficient lightbulbs cost roughly the same as non-energy efficient models, and yet the use far less electricity and actually last for much longer too. This means there is no reason to avoid making the switch next time you need to fit a light bulb in your garage.

Consider solar panels

It could be a great idea to look into the prospect of installing solar panels on the roof of your garage. Many homeowners only consider having solar panels installed on their top roof, but there really is no reason why panels cannot be installed on garage rooves. As long as they get enough sunlight they can be a very profitable investment.

If your garage was actually housing the piece of kit that generates the power for the house throughout the year, it could be a very green addition to the home!

If you are interested in smartening up your garage while making it a little more environmentally friendly, talk to the team at Wessex Garage Doors about a stunning new garage door for your home.

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