Four Benefits of Automated Garage Doors

Some people have never considered the possibility of changing their manually-operate garage doors for an automated alternative. But this can actually be hugely beneficial for your home. Here are four fantastic benefits of having automatic garage doors in your home. They are more convenient The most obvious benefit of having an automated garage door is […]

Famous rock bands that started life in a garage

Would you believe that the beginnings of Rock ‘n’ Roll can be traced back to the humble garage? Back in the 1950s and 1960s, forming a band with friends and rehearsing in your parents’ garage was the antidote to commercially manufactured music that increasingly failed to speak to the youngsters of the day. Born in […]

Garage Door Art

While many choose to upgrade the decor inside their home by painting the rooms a different colour or investing in a painting, a design craze which has been emerging worldwide in recent years has been garage door artwork. From the weird and wonderful to the utterly jaw-dropping, the intricate and lifelike look of garage door […]

Garage Lighting Options

During the darker winter months, lighting can make a great deal of difference for the ongoing use and functionality of your garage. These days, garages have become an important extension of our homes and living space, so the type of fixtures you choose will depend on the purpose of your garage and how often you […]

Garage door dimensions detailed

One of the most common questions asked by our customers is, ‘What are the standard garage door dimensions?’ As garage door designs and the average size of homes and vehicles have changed over the years, so too have the standard garage door measurements. This article will help clarify the standard dimensions for single and double […]