A Brief History of the Automated Garage Door

We all know that the first commercial car was the Ford Model-T, produced by Henry Ford in 1908. Prior to this, nobody had much need for a garage, as they simply didn’t have cars to store inside them (instead they would have had “carriage houses”, for, you guessed it, their carriages). The first motorised door […]

3 Garage Inventions Which Changed the World

There’s something about garages which makes them so appealing to the creative mind. Whether it’s the isolation from distractions, or simply the functional nature of the space, some of the world’s most famous creations were all made possible thanks to the trusty garage workspace. Perhaps the most revolutionary on this list is the Apple computer. […]

Roller Garage Doors: The Pros and Cons

Garage doors aren’t just for keeping our cars secure anymore; they are a vital part of our home aesthetics. It’s the main reason why buying new garage doors can feel like such a big decision, and also why, at Wessex Garage Doors, we do what we can to make that choice easier. If you’re considering […]

Common Garage Door Faults and How to Fix Them

A professionally-fitted garage door will give you years of convenience, and help you to make the most of your garage in every season. If you start to notice issues with your door mechanism, it’s important to address them as soon as you can to prevent the problem getting gradually worse. Here are four of the […]

Garage Door Trends for 2017

New technology and better materials have meant that garage door design has come a long way in the last few years. Having a functional door no longer means you have to compromise on style, and with a little searching you are sure to find a beautiful design within any budget. If your garage needs an […]

Four advantages of GRP garage doors

Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) is rapidly gaining popularity as a material for garage doors. At Wessex Garage Doors we supply a huge range of stunning GRP models that could look perfect for your home. If you are thinking of having a new garage door fitted soon, it could be worth considering GRP as an option. […]

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