My Garage Door Key Is Stuck In The Lock

Posted on by Wessex Garage Doors Team key in a lock

The last thing you need when rushing to work or dropping the kids off at school is for your key to break in the garage door lock. Before racing to call a locksmith to fix the problem in a panic, with patience and the correct tools you may be able to retrieve the key out … Continue reading

5 Ways To Improve The Appearance Of Your Garage

Posted on by Wessex Garage Doors Team Painting a garage door

When carrying out DIY tasks or renovating parts of a home, the garage is an area which is often overlooked. In fact, there are plenty of ways to update the appearance of your garage without breaking the bank, and since all the work is based outdoors, there’s no better time than now to improve its … Continue reading

Garage ‘yard’ sales in the UK

Posted on by Wessex Garage Doors Team Car boot sale

From car boot and jumble sales to garage/yard sales and online marketplaces, there are a host of creative selling methods available for those wanting to clear out their cupboards and de-clutter their home to raise some extra money. This article will discuss the different ways Brits choose to trade their items and how popular garage … Continue reading

Is A Garage A Necessity Nowadays?

Posted on by Wessex Garage Doors Team Garage storage shelves

The concept of a traditional garage has changed over recent years; the idea of using a garage as a place to store vehicles isn’t as true as it once was, with many homeowners utilising this space for a host of purposes. Whether you want to add another room to your home, need extra storage space … Continue reading

Home Buyers Guide – Garage Door Checks

Posted on by Wessex Garage Doors Team Rust

Prospective buyers of a new home tend to focus only on the house itself, meaning the garage is often overlooked. This is a common mistake amongst new homeowners who end up with a garage which requires costly repairs. Our experts here at Wessex Garage Doors have put together a guide for home buyers to ensure … Continue reading

Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage Door

Posted on by Wessex Garage Doors Team Cleaning products

When carrying out spring cleaning duties, many overlook the importance of cleaning the exterior of their homes and focus on the interior instead. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your garage door will not only enhance the look of your property, it will also give you the chance to inspect your garage door, checking all the … Continue reading

Adding A Home Electric Car Charging Port

Posted on by Wessex Garage Doors Team Electric car charging

In recent times, the popularity of electric cars seems to be growing throughout the UK, as government incentives and specially designed charging stations are now in place to cater for electric car owners. In fact, Ecotricity, the company that has installed the first and biggest charging network along the UK’s motorways, has detailed this increase … Continue reading

Rules & Regulations for Building a New Garage

Posted on by Wessex Garage Doors Team New build detached garages

The growing cost of on-street parking combined with a rise in crime and vandalism on vehicles has meant more and more people are choosing to add a new garage to their property. Not only will this offer a secure storage space for your vehicle, it’s also an effective way of adding value to your home. … Continue reading

Soundproofing Your Garage – The Process & Benefits

Posted on by Wessex Garage Doors Team Child covering ears from noise

While many homeowners still use their garage as a place to store their vehicle, more and more are also choosing to utilise this extra space for a number of alternate purposes, including: an extra family room/playroom music room workshop gym Whatever you have chosen to use your garage for, soundproofing provides a quick and easy … Continue reading

Suffering from a dusty garage? Here’s how to fix it

Posted on by Wessex Garage Doors Team Air Filter & Garage Door Seal

Garages provide the perfect place to store belongings and shelter them from the elements so they remain in pristine state. However, a common problem many homeowners face is the accumulation of dust which is settling on these items and affecting their condition. Our expert team at Wessex Garage Doors have put together a list of … Continue reading