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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Garage Doors

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Electric garage doors offer convenience, security and a wide range of design options for homeowners. Automating your garage door allows for easy opening at the push of a button and they also provide enhanced security and insulation. With a variety of materials and customisation options to choose from, electric garage doors are an attractive upgrade for many homeowners.

Whether you want to increase convenience, enhance security or simply spruce up the look of your home, electric garage doors have a lot to offer. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of choosing an automated garage door, features to look out for and some frequently asked questions buyers have when buying an electric door.

Benefits of Electric Garage Doors

Convenience: One of the biggest advantages of electric garage doors is the convenience they offer. You can open and close your door at the push of a button, without ever having to get out of your car, which is especially helpful in bad weather when you don’t want to step outside into the rain or snow to open your door manually.

Security: Automated garage doors provide enhanced security for your home in several ways. The automatic openers have safety sensors that will cause the door to stop and reverse if it detects something obstructing it while closing. This prevents the door from closing on pets, children, or anything else in its path. Electric garage door openers can also be connected to your home security system, allowing you to close and monitor your garage door remotely when away from home.

Design: Electric garage doors are available in a wide range of materials, colours and designs to match your home’s style. You can choose wooden doors with natural finishes, steel and aluminium for a more modern or industrial look, or GRP doors if you want materials that are durable and low maintenance. Windows, decorative hardware, and other accessories can be added to customise the look of your garage door and create attractive kerb appeal.

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Types of Electric Garage Doors

Roller Doors

Roller doors are constructed from horizontal slats connected by hinges. As the door opens, the slats roll up and coil around a drum positioned above the opening. This style provides complete access when open. Roller doors are compact, durable, and require little room inside the garage.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are made up of horizontal panels connected by hinges. The panels lift up and backwards on tracks along the sides to open. Sectional doors are the most common electric garage door type. They provide good insulation and come in a wide range of styles.

Up and Over Doors

Up and over doors are constructed as one tilted single panel that travels along horizontal tracks, opening upwards and outwards in an arc when opened. Once fully open, the door closes by swinging down and back. Up and over doors provide unobstructed ceiling space inside the garage though they do require some additional space in front of the garage opening for the swing path when opened.

The type of electric garage door you choose depends on space requirements, budget and aesthetic preferences. We can help you make the right decision if you’re unsure which style will best suit your property.

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Key Features to Consider

Remote Controls and Smart Features: Keypads, wireless remote controls and smartphone apps offer options for controlling your electric garage door. Consider the range needed for remotes and the number of transmitters needed.

Door Materials: Each material has different properties related to insulation value, durability, weight and cost. Steel and aluminium are strong and durable but have lower insulation values, while GRP is lightweight.

Windows, Hardware and Aesthetics: Full-view or decorative windows add attractive design options. Upgraded hardware like hinges, handles and tracks further enhance appearance.

Safety Sensors: Safety reversing sensors detect objects and people in the doorway and cause it to stop and reverse direction to prevent accidents. These are a critical safety feature when installing electric doors.

Warranties: Opener warranties typically range from 1-5 years, but they vary based on materials used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much maintenance do electric garage doors require?

Electric garage doors require very little maintenance. The motor and mechanical parts just need occasional lubrication and cleaning, and the tracks should be kept clear of dirt and debris. Overall, they tend to be more durable and reliable than manual doors. We recommend having your door serviced once a year to keep it well maintained.

What safety features do electric garage doors have?

Electric openers have reversing sensors that detect objects in the doorway and cause the door to stop and change direction if something is obstructing it. This prevents the door from closing on people, pets or objects. Just make sure the sensors are kept clean and properly aligned.

How energy efficient are electric garage doors?

Electric garage doors are insulated and seal tightly against the floor, making them highly energy efficient. Their insulation properties help keep your garage cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which helps reduce heating and cooling costs.


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Electric garage doors offer homeowners a host of benefits over manual doors. With the right electric garage door, you can enjoy effortless access to your home as well as enhanced security, temperature control and great kerb appeal. At Wessex Garage Doors, we offer a wide selection of automated garage doors from leading manufacturers. Contact us today to arrange a free home survey.

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