Suffering from a dusty garage? Here’s how to fix it

Garages provide the perfect place to store belongings and shelter them from the elements so they remain in pristine state. However, a common problem many homeowners face is the accumulation of dust which is settling on these items and affecting their condition. Our expert team at Wessex Garage Doors have put together a list of tips to help you limit the dust in your garage so you can keep its contents intact.

What causes garage dust?

Concrete is a major cause of dust which accumulates inside a garage. If it’s not sealed correctly, moisture, oil or grease will seep inside the concrete which eventually causes it to break down and produce cement dust. The simple action of someone walking or driving a vehicle through the dust causes it to become disrupted and, in turn, a sheet of dust will settle over all contents of the garage.

Much like the dust found inside the home, other causes include:

  • pet fur
  • hair
  • flakes of skin
  • bits of material

How do I get rid of dust from inside my garage?

If your garage is suffering from an invasion of dust and it’s damaging the items you store there, try the following techniques to help deal with the problem:

1. Give your garage a thorough clean

Cluttered garage

Inspect the concrete in your garage and, paying close attention to the walls and floor, remove any powdery white marks you can see as these are likely to have been caused by efflorescence. The next step is to wipe down all the surfaces to remove any dust which has settled. A top tip is to use a microfibre dust cloth to help trap and control the dust, rather than a broom or vacuum cleaner which will just push it around.

2. Seal the concrete in your garage

Sealed garage floor

To stop your concrete producing excess dust, make sure you seal every concrete surface in your garage using a penetrating concrete sealer. When using the sealer, make sure you apply it directly into the concrete as it will not work correctly if used elsewhere.

3. Use an air filter & door seal

Air Filter & Garage Door Seal

To clean the air in your garage, try using a filter over air vents / grills inside your garage. Most operate by blocking airborne particles, like dust, which will help eliminate the problem.

It’s worth noting that a garage door is not airtight, so it’s particularly easy for leaves and other matter to be blown inside through the gaps around the door, or even when it is opened for use. A garage door seal can help limit the dust and debris that can get in under the door so this is another way to limit dustiness.


These simple, easy to follow steps will help reduce the build-up of dust in your garage so you can make the most of the extra space without worrying about your items getting covered in dust. Here at Wessex Garage Doors our newer doors are fitted with tighter seals for superior thermal efficiency and security, as well as helping to eliminate the risk of a dust invasion!

We offer a comprehensive range of garage doors available in a selection of designs and materials so you can find the ideal option which best complements your home. These include:

Simply contact our expert team today for further information.


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