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Top Tips to Prepare Your Garage for Winter

The onset of winter means more rain, colder temperatures and having to contend with stormy weather. And while that can mean more cosy nights tucked up indoors, it can wreak havoc on your garage if you don’t take the proper precautions. Not only can cold weather cause damage to the structure of your garage, but it can also ruin the items you store there, which can lead to added expense and frustration. Here are some top tips to help ensure your garage is winter-ready, to protect the possessions you’re storing and to keep your garage secure.

Check the Door Locks Securely

Your garage needs to be secure to protect your belongings and your vehicles – if it doesn’t lock properly, it won’t be able to protect the contents from harsh weather or heavy rainfall. Take the time before the bad weather hits to inspect your garage door thoroughly and draw on the expertise of a professional to repair any broken locks or damage to the door that’s preventing it from closing securely. This will also minimise any unnecessary heat loss, keeping the interior of your garage as warm as possible. It will also ensure your garage is secure from break-ins and unwanted visitors too.

Protect Your Flooring

The floor of your garage can sometimes be overlooked, but cold weather can leave flooring cracked or damaged. The best way to prevent this is by laying alternative flooring over the existing surface. From tough interlocking PVC tiles to rubber, there are several materials to choose from, depending on your requirements. The added benefit of installing these types of flooring is that they often provide additional insulation which will keep your garage warm and help to prevent damage from freezing temperatures.

Declutter the Contents

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Tidying your garage will give you the opportunity to declutter any items you no longer need as well as identify any belongings that don’t need to be stored in the garage during the winter. Decluttering also helps you to identify any areas of the walls or floor that are damp or have cracks in them, which garages can be prone to. With your items out of the way, you’ll have access to seal these areas to stop more cold air from getting in, which will prevent further damage from being caused.

Protect Valuable Items

Cold, wet weather can be damaging to your more expensive possessions, so you want to ensure they are protected as much as possible. This is particularly the case for electrical products or vehicles, which are costlier to repair or replace. If you have a car that you don’t use often, such as a classic motor, then it can be beneficial to cover it over the winter and, where possible, switch the engine on every so often to prevent battery damage. It’s also a good idea to keep your belongings off the floor, in case they suffer water damage.

Insulate and Add Heaters

If your garage is particularly cold in the winter, a heater can be a good investment to make it more comfortable to be in, whether you’re working on a DIY project or just getting in and out of your car. Portable heaters are effective and affordable, and they will help to warm up the space quickly. It’s important to keep your garage as warm as possible to prevent water pipes from freezing and bursting too, which can result in added stress and expense. If your budget allows, it can also be a good idea to insulate the walls of your garage to improve the thermal performance. Walls and ceilings are the most common places for heat to escape from, so these should be your first port of call.


Garages often store expensive items or appliances that we rely on day to day, so it’s important that they are secure and protected against damage. While the cold weather poses potential risks for your garage and its contents, there are ways to prevent damage and ensure that your garage is secure. From inspecting and repairing any damage to your garage door to upgrading the floors and sealing cracks and holes in the structure, you can minimise the damage caused by the winter months.

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