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4 problems with your garage door and what to do about them

Installing a high-quality garage door at your home should provide you with years of security and convenience.

However, even the best, most durable garage doors aren’t entirely fool proof and over time issues can start to develop. When this happens, it’s important not to simply ignore it, otherwise the problem could only get worse as a result.

In this article, we take a detailed look at four of the most common garage door repairs we carry out, giving advice on what you can do if the same issue is happening to you.


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1. Stiff Opening Mechanism

If your garage door feels unusually stiff or heavy to open, there may be a problem with the tracks. To counteract this, clean out any dirt that may be obstructing the rollers, then check the entire length of track for damage.

Often, a simple bit of lubrication is all that’s required to get the rollers back gliding again. However, that’s not always the case. If you notice any dents or warped areas, get in touch with one of our repair technicians to look at fixing or replacing the affected track.

2. The Door Doesn’t Fully Open

Since garage doors are precision-engineered, even the tiniest of obstructions can stop them from being able to operate and open properly. Therefore, if your garage door is getting jammed or stuck halfway, it could be a simple case of needing to remove a twig or leaf to unblock the rollers.

When investigating the issue, look for items inside the garage that could be obstructing the door. If you can’t find any obvious obstructions or have done what you can but the door still won’t open properly, give us a call and one of our friendly team will be happy to take a look.

3. The Door Won’t Stay Open

Is your up and over garage door slipping or drooping when you open it or is it just not staying open at all? Don’t worry – this is perfectly repairable.

As time goes on, the torsion springs at the top of the frame and the extension springs at the side can lose their tension, eventually struggling to support the weight of the open door. Fortunately, however, these springs can be easily adjusted by a qualified technician if the problem is small and caught relatively early on. If it isn’t, your garage door springs may fail altogether and may need replacing.

4. The Automatic Controls Aren’t Working

If your automated garage door has suddenly stopped responding to the remote control, then two things could have happened. First, it could simply be a case of needing to replace the battery in the handset or checking to see if it’s charging correctly.

If you’re sure the remote is working correctly but the door still won’t budge, the issue is likely to be mechanical. If this is the case, give one of our technicians a call to check the motor as soon as possible.

Having a fully working garage door is essential to your home security so, when you notice an issue, it’s important to get it resolved as quickly as possible. Whatever the issue may be, our specialist repair team here at Wessex Garage Doors have dealt with all kinds of problems. Give us a call on 01737 309103 to see how we can help.

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