4 problems with your garage door and what to do about them

Man fixing a garage door

A good quality, professionally installed garage door should provide your home with years of security, convenience and good looks. But if you start to notice problems with the door’s operating mechanism, don’t just ignore it. Take action as soon as you detect an issue to stop it getting worse. Here are four of the most common garage door repairs that we carry out on a regular basis.

1. Stiff opening mechanism

If opening your garage door feels unusually stiff or heavy, there may be a problem with the tracks. Clean out any dirt that may be obstructing the rollers, then check the entire length of the track for damage. Perhaps a bit of lubrication is all that’s need to help the rollers glide again. However, if you detect any dents or warped areas, you may need our repair technicians to take a look and fix or replace the affected track.

2. Door gets stuck halfway

Garage doors are precision engineered and robustly built. This means that even the tiniest obstruction can stop the door from operating properly. If your garage door gets jammed or stuck halfway, check for gravel, twigs or leaves that may be blocking the rollers and remove the offending items. Also look for items inside the garage that may be obstructing the door. If you can’t find any obvious obstructions, or you’ve done what you can but the door still won’t work properly, give Wessex Garage Doors a call and we’ll send one of our friendly repair team to take a look.

3. Door won’t stay open

Does your up and over garage door slip or droop when you open it, or just won’t stay open at all? Torsion springs located at the top of the frame and extension springs at the sides can lose their tension over time, meaning they will begin to struggle to support the weight of the open door. These springs are easily adjustable by a qualified technician if the problem is small. However, if you ignore the issue and leave it too long, your garage door springs may fail altogether and need replacing.

4. Failing automatic controls

If you have an automated garage door that suddenly stops responding to the remote control, two things could have happened. Have you checked the battery in the handset? Is it inserted correctly, does it need charging or replacing? If you’re sure that the remote is working but the door won’t budge, the problem may be mechanical. Call out one of our technicians to check the motor and springs as soon as possible.

While a fully working garage door is essential to your home security, things do go wrong on occasion. Luckily, this doesn’t always means that you need a new door. Our repair team has dealt with all kinds of problems on all types of garage door. Call Wessex Garage Doors on 0800 161 3733 to see how we can help.

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