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How and why to soundproof your garage door


Not everyone uses their garage for parking a car. There are many other things you can use the space for – a workshop or gym, a music studio or playroom – the possibilities are endless. However, sound may turn out to be a real issue.

If you host noisy toddler groups in the morning or band rehearsals at night, especially if you live in a quiet neighbourhood, you may want to protect your own privacy or at least not irritate the neighbours unnecessarily.

While hard surfaces will reflect the sound inside the garage, soft surfaces will absorb noise, and that’s where soundproofing installations can come in very handy. For best effects it’s important to invest in the right materials. Acoustic insulation can be nailed or glued to the inside of the garage walls, providing high performance soundproofing that doesn’t compromise on space. Carpeting your garage is another popular choice. Finally, make sure there are no obvious holes, cracks or gaps that could help the noise to travel.

As far as the garage door is concerned, noisy operation can be caused by worn rollers, loose hardware or parts that are in need of lubrication. Luckily, none of these are big or difficult repair jobs.


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Our team at Wessex Garage Doors recommends the following action:

• Tighten all parts including all nuts and bolt to ensure everything is fully secure and functional
• Check the door for worn parts and replace these as necessary and as soon as possible
• Protect all moving parts with a specialist garage door lubricant spray
• When inspecting the door, check the opener to see if any-vibration, noise-reducing pads need to be fitted

Wessex Garage Doors offer an extensive range of insulated garage doors that are specially designed for energy saving, noise dampening and thermal purposes. What’s more, our sectional garage doors can be fitted with a 45mm thick insulating core for optimum convenience and noise reduction.

Here at Wessex Garage Doors all our sectional garage doors can be installed with an insulating core made of a thickness of 45mm for optimum convenience and noise reduction. Other high performance garage doors we can supply and install include sectional, roller and up-and-over doors in steel, GRP and wood. Why not contact our technical team today to find out more?

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