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How to Decide Which Garage Door Is Right for You

The right garage door will offer excellent levels of security for your belongings, but in many cases, it can often add kerb appeal to your property too. You might be surprised by the wide range of door types on the market which can make choosing the best option difficult. Luckily, we have many years’ experience and expertise to help you make the right choice. Here are some tips on the benefits of each option to help you choose which garage door is right for you.

Consider Key Factors and Constraints

When you’re choosing a garage door, you need to consider a few main factors that could influence your final decision.

  • Budget – how much can you afford to spend?
  • Available Space – some doors require space for tracks or other mechanisms in order to function properly, so consider the dimensions of your garage early on in the process.
  • Security – if security is a concern, how much protection do you want your garage to have?
  • Maintenance – are you willing to invest time into maintaining your garage door or do you want something that doesn’t require much upkeep?
  • Insulation – some materials and door styles are better at keeping heat in than others, so if insulation is something that is important to you, for instance if you’re converting the garage to a utility room, then you need to choose an insulated door.
  • Style – the range of colours and styles will be determined by the material you choose and the type of door, and whether you choose steel, timber or glass-reinforced plastic.

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Up and over iconUp and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are one-piece designs and are a classic option. As the name suggests, they lift from the bottom and either slide out of the way into the ceiling of the garage or create a canopy at the front. If you use your garage for parking your vehicle in, this is a great option as it’s incredibly space-efficient and also provides weatherproofing. They can be manual or automated to suit your needs and they offer a reliable design and mechanism. Up and over garage doors are best suited to properties with a driveway leading up to the garage or at least enough space for the door to move up and down without causing damage to your car.


Sectional Garage Door IconSectional Garage Doors

Instead of moving outwards, like up and over doors, sectional garage doors are made up of panels which move upwards in a vertical motion and then backwards into the ceiling. Sectional garage doors offer brilliant levels of security and strength, and they are also ideal for insulating your garage. If you have a shorter driveway or you need to park right up against the door of the garage, a sectional door is a great option for you. These types of door provide a reliable seal against the weather and they can be operated electronically too. Sectionals are stylish and can suit garages of all different sizes.


Roller garage door iconRoller Garage Doors

Much like sectional doors, a roller garage door opens vertically but it rolls above the opening rather than requiring internal tracks to operate. If you don’t have a lot of head room in your garage, you may want to opt for a roller door as they leave the ceiling free for storage or other mechanisms. Roller doors can be purchased in insulating or non-insulated designs and they can also be operated via a remote control if need be.


GRP garage door iconSide Sliding Garage Doors

Side sliding garage doors move around the corner and down the side of the garage, rather than utilising the ceiling space. They’re practical for when you need access to the garage on foot too, as you don’t need to open the door fully in order to get in. If you have a larger garage, this type of door works well, and they can be automated.



Hopefully, this guide has helped in showing you the different options available and what to look out for when making your decisions. But it’s a good idea to get the advice and expertise of a trained professional if you’re still unsure – the team at Wessex Garage Doors can offer further guidance to make sure the garage door you choose will be the best fit for your property and needs. Contact us today to find out about the options we provide and our installation services.


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