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Troubleshooting Guide: Garage Door Remote Control

A garage door remote control is a handy pocket-sized electronic device which allows you to gain entry to your garage without having to step out of your car. It improves accessibility which is particularly helpful for the elderly and those less able to manually lift a heavy garage door.

Garage door remote

There’s a list of benefits to using a garage door remote control, including:

  • Ease of use
  • Increased security
  • Homeowners and drivers can remain sheltered from the elements
  • Personal safety is also improved by staying in the vehicle

Keeping your remote control garage door opener in top working order is important to ensure it remains functional.

1. Check you’re in range

Garage door receiver in range

For your remote control to work, it must be within its infrared signal-sending range, so if you notice it’s not operating correctly, make sure there is a clear line of view between the control and the door. Equally, if you’re pushing the button at the end of your street, the likelihood of it communicating with the garage door opener is slim.

2. Check the batteries

Garage door remote batteries

Weak or dead batteries are the most common cause of garage door remote control failure. For high performance, it’s recommended you use quality branded batteries instead of discount versions.

It’s also worth noting that rechargeable batteries often provide considerably less power than alkaline alternatives, compromising the strength and performance of your remote control. It almost goes without saying but if you’re using rechargeable batteries, do charge them from time to time!


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3. Clean the sensor

Are you in range?

The sensor on your garage door remote control allows the infrared signal to pass through it when transmitting. As they are typically made of plastic, garage door remote sensors can be easily wiped clean using a soft damp cloth to remove any marks or stains which may be preventing them from working properly.

The plastic can also become damaged if scraped against keys in your pocket, thrown on the worktop or dropped on the floor. To help correct this problem, the plastic must be polished using specialised plastic polishing substances so the rest of the remote isn’t affected. If the infrared sensor is badly scratched or damaged beyond repair, the only option may be to get an entirely new device.

4. Reset the device

Although it may seem like obvious advice to give, your remote control may be suffering from a simple malfunction which can easily be corrected by resetting the device. All you need to do is remove the batteries from the remote for approximately 30 seconds to completely reboot the circuit boards inside the device. Then, fit the batteries back into the remote and test the opener to check it’s back to working order.

5. Still No Luck?

Call For Help

If the above recommendations still do not sort the problem, it may be time to call in help. Wessex Garage Doors are always happy to assist with queries, so do get in touch with our repairs & spares team if your automatic garage door is not responding to the remote.


At Wessex Garage Doors we are committed to helping you find a functional garage door system which best suits your individual requirements and budget. From electric up and over doors to automatic sectional door designs, almost every garage door we supply can be automated for superior convenience and accessibility.

Our automation solutions allow you to open your garage door at the touch of a button so you won’t have to leave your car to manually open a heavy door. For a high security, user-friendly garage door, simply contact our team of experts today for further information.


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