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DIY Tips To Improve Your Garage

As the August bank holiday fast approaches, so does the perfect opportunity to carry out those DIY jobs you’ve been putting off for months. What many homeowners don’t realise is that these tasks do not have to be a chore – in fact, it can be an excellent way to get creative and transform your garage space.

This article will serve to describe just a few simple ways in which you can inject charm and character into your garage while utilising the space to store your belongings. The following tips are a selection of innovative designs which have been created with the purpose of organising your possessions and making them easily accessible – you’ll be wondering why you’ve waited so long to complete those DIY jobs!



Utilise the space on the walls by fixing shelves to arrange items in an efficient and structured way. For larger landscaping tools, such as rakes and shovels, try using rails and hooks to hang the equipment so they are fastened securely onto the wall and are easily accessible when required.

For a handy money-saving technique, cut small sections of plastic PVC plumbing pipe at an angle so there is sufficient space to fit your long-handled tools and screw into your garage wall so they are completely secure.


Arrange your belongings into a systematic order using clearly labelled see-through plastic containers and Tupperware boxes so you can easily locate that screwdriver you have been trawling through the house in search of.

Empty marmalade, chocolate spread and jam jars are a resourceful way of storing all the loose screws and nails which can easily get misplaced amongst the chaos. So, start making your way through those preserves straightaway!


Make the most of the high spaces in your garage as these are the perfect places for long-term storage of bulky seasonal items such as Christmas decorations or camping gear which typically need to be stowed away for long periods of time.

Add high shelves and cabinets near the ceiling so the items are easily accessible without creating an obstruction. You could even get creative and hang storage bins from the ceiling for a simple and cost-effective way of looking after your belongings.


DIY bike racks are an extremely useful and beneficial way of saving the space that cycling gear can take up in your garage. Your bike is an expensive piece of equipment, so constructing your own bike rack is a cost-effective way of keeping it totally safe and secure.

Simply find a space on one of the garage walls where you would like the bike rack to be located and fix a shelf with a pole connected across it. Then, attach some hooks to the pole which can hold the weight of your bike and fasten the front wheel using a tie. By doing so, your bike is easily accessible and remains steadily held in place until it is next needed.


Finally, the subtle touches which are in-keeping with the theme of your garage can really transform the space. A magnetic tool bar is an excellent garage organiser which can be utilised to store your metal tools and hobby equipment. It is simple to fix onto any garage wall, offering ultimate convenience while delivering a stylish design. You could even get creative and curve a few spanners into wall hooks to hang items such as jackets, gardening equipment or cycling gear.


Improving your garage is a brilliant opportunity to get inspired with some of these innovative and cost-effective ideas.

Here at Wessex Garage Doors, we understand how important it is to utilise this space into a functional room, which is why we offer an extensive range of practical and stylish garage door designs for a total revamp.

Our experienced team of installers have the expertise to fit new doors quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your home. Simply get in touch with us today for further information about any of our services, or for professional advice about which garage door design will best suit your requirements.

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