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Coronavirus Update – Business As Usual

We would like to continue to reassure all our customers and potential customers that here at Wessex Garage Doors we are ALL following Government advice in the fight to protect you, ourselves and our families from the spread of Coronavirus.

We are all hand washing on a regular basis but we do, however, hope you won’t think us rude if we do not shake your hand when we meet and we won’t be offended if you choose to stand three steps away.

Whether we are coming to install your new garage door, or electric operator, or coming to survey your garage for a quotation we do not actually require you to be there as long as we have access to your garage.

We will knock on your door to let you know we have arrived but you can remain safely behind closed doors whilst we continue to work. Many of our lovely customers like to make our team a cup of tea or coffee but sadly we have to decline this offer at the moment.

We will not be entering your home at this time so should you wish to discuss anything with our team we’d ask you to put on a coat, and perhaps have an umbrella to hand, and chat to our representative outside using the current Government advice on social distancing.

One request we would have is that as a courtesy you let us know if your household self-isolating – it will not stop us coming to do the work unless Government advice changes.

We will do our best to offer a ‘business as usual’ service with the hope we are able to do so for some time to come.

Please stay safe!


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