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Buyers Guide – The Garage Door Edition

Here at Wessex Garage Doors we are dedicated to helping you find the ideal garage door design which best suits your individual requirements and complements the rest of your home seamlessly. We have put together a buyers guide for a selection of premium garage door designs available on the market today so you can get an idea of what will fit with your specifications.

Opening mechanism

Let’s start at the most important factor to consider when choosing a new garage door: opening mechanisms. These include the following garage door designs:

  1. Up and over – available as canopy style or sturdier retractable designs, this door is mounted on tracks that run across the ceiling of your garage and provide support to the door as it glides up and out of way
  2. Electric up and over – the up and over mechanism makes them a perfect design for automation ensuring you trouble-free operation for many years to come
  3. Sectional – can be fitted to almost any size or shape of garage making it a practical and flexible option. They are constructed from a number of horizontal sections which glide up and are stored in the garage roof on parallel tracks
  4. Roller – are mounted on tracks that are fitted up the side of the door where there is a barrel-like compartment at the top which stores the door as it rolls up. This makes them the perfect solution for a short driveway as the door doesn’t swing out to obstruct parking space outside the garage
  5. Automatic roller – roller doors are installed with a space saving motor as well as an automatic remote control and built-in safety features
  6. Automation – almost every garage door we supply can be automated for ultimate convenience, which is especially useful for people who may struggle to lift a manual door – our remote controls allow you to simply push a button and drive straight in!

Material types


Wooden garage doors offer a welcoming and homely feel, and if looked after correctly can be a secure, stylish focal feature on your property.

Delivering on practicality and style, wooden garage door designs provide a traditional aesthetic for an elegant exterior. They are available in:

  • cedar
  • pine
  • hemlock

For extra preventative measures, all our designs come pre-treated so the surface can withstand extreme weather conditions and fungal or rot growth.

We recognise that using environmentally-friendly materials is an important factor for many of our customers which is why all of our timber is derived from high-quality renewable sources.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester)

GRP is renowned for its versatility and strength, meaning that garage doors made with this material are durable enough to resist rust, splitting/rot and withstand harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, GRP can cope extremely well with minor knocks without negotiating the security or appearance of your garage door.

Our GRP garage doors mimic the elegance and aesthetic appeal of real timber for an authentic, traditional look while offering the benefits of a maintenance-free finish. Alternatively, you can choose a white gloss finish to fit with a modern home.


The durability of steel means any garage doors built with this material are built to last guaranteeing strength and protection for many years. All our steel garage doors provide incredible security with multipoint locking and continuing quality which is supported by our 2 year warranty.

In terms of style, our steel garage doors are available in an extensive range of designs and finishes including wood grain and coloured effects to complement both modern and traditional exteriors.


If your garage door is sufficiently secure, most opportunist burglars would not fancy their chances at carrying out a forced entry as the levels of noise and effort would be too risky. Furthermore, specialised tools will probably be required which most burglars will not carry. Three garage doors, specially designed for exceptionally high security are:

If installed correctly, all of these styles are proven to be very difficult to penetrate by force or with tools for complete peace of mind.


Whether you use your garage as an extension of your home, for storage or a place to keep your car, an insulated garage door is ideal for excellent soundproofing, added warmth and energy efficiency. All our sectional garage doors can be installed with an insulating core which gives superior energy efficiency.

Insulated roller garage doors are reliable and durable, with exceptionally strong aluminium slats which lock into position to resist attempted forced entry.


For more advice about what garage door design best suits your requirements, or to see our products first-hand at our showroom, simply contact our team of experts today.

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