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Automatic Garage Doors for Seniors

Automatic garage door remote controlAfter a long day at work, opening and closing a heavy garage door can prove to be a difficult task, but for those who are physically unable to lift the weight of a garage door, it is totally impossible.

Providing ultimate convenience and accessibility for the elderly at home is essential to ensure they remain safe and comfortable on their own.

An automatic garage door not only provides total security for the car stored inside, it can also be extremely beneficial for the elderly who may struggle to cope with a manually operated garage door.

Benefits of an Automatic Garage Door

For seniors, there are several significant benefits to using an automatic garage door:

  • Personal safety by remaining in the vehicle
  • Ease of use
  • Sheltered from the weather

If yourself, an elderly neighbour or a senior member of your family has not yet installed an automatic garage door, this article will serve to explain the main advantages of making the change…

Automatic Garage Door1. Convenience

Opening and closing a weighty manual garage door can be challenging, and for the elderly it can prove to be an impossible task. By choosing to have an automatic garage door, you are able to divert this stress through the simple press of a button.

2. Safety

Automatic garage doors have sensors which keep the door from closing if there is something in the way. This is a significant benefit as it ensures complete safety for those familiarising themselves with using their new automatic door.

Garage Door Lock3. Security

This plays a very important role when it comes to the usage of garage doors. Automatic garage doors offer a high level of security as the less contact you have with your garage door, the more efficient and safer your opener is. This is essential for senior users to guarantee optimum performance and security from their garage door with minimal disruption or fuss.

4. Affordable

Contrary to popular thought, having an automatic garage door is a lot more affordable than many think. Although prices will vary according to the brand, purchasing an automatic garage door is a cost-effective option, and with all its features it proves to be great value for money.


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The Types of Automatic Garage Door

There are 4 main types of automatic doors which each have their own individual qualities:

It is vitally important to choose the correct automatic door which best suits your requirements and preferences. Superior convenience and high performance are key factors for the elderly when selecting a garage door, to ensure they will not struggle with a door which does not function properly.

Retractable garage doorRetractable and canopy electric garage doors are similar but have slightly different functions for varying applications. Retractable electric garage doors are solid, one piece doors which swing upwards and hide away completely into the roof space of your garage. This is a popular choice as once the garage door is up, it is not visible.

However, because of this they require more space to fit inside the garage and swing further outwards when retracting so make sure you don’t park too close!

Canopy garage doors are simple to install and consist of a spring and cable pulley system which allows for a safe opening. They do not retract entirely into the roof, leaving a slight overhang which creates a canopy effect.

Roller Garage DoorsSectional electrical garage doors are made up of a number of hinged segments which rise up and slide along a set of fixed rails. They are a popular garage door design as they don’t use as much garage space and, due to the demand, they are available in a wide variety of styles with varying amounts of insulation dependent upon individual requirements.

Unlike sectional electric garage doors, roller electric doors don’t require any rails or internal mechanism inside your garage which means they take up very little space. This provides more room for parking and the option for additional storage space above where a standard sectional door would normally open.


Here at Wessex Garage Doors we understand the importance of choosing a functional, durable garage door which fits with your individual preferences, requirements and budget constraints.

Our wealth of experience in the industry means our qualified team of garage door specialists have the knowledge to help you select the correct garage door and repair any fault efficiently.

We offer a comprehensive range of practical and stylish garage doors for highly competitive rates throughout the South of England. So for further information about any of the products or services we provide, simply get in touch with our friendly team by telephone or online today.


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