Manual or Automatic Garage Doors?

Once you have chosen the style and material for your garage door you face a further decision: should you have a manual or automatic door? The decision is entirely up to you and can depend on how much use you get out of your garage. Here are some of the advantages of choosing an automatic or a manual door.

Automatic Garage Door

Woman driving convertible car approaching automatic garage door with remote control in her hand

    • Our automatic doors conform to the highest standards for safety with built-in sensors and safety features that can stop them from closing on top of people, pets or objects. This makes it perfect for families with children or pets – the doors will sense the presence of objects in the path of the door and reverse the door to stop injury from occurring
    • One of the major benefits of the automatic garage door is that of convenience. Your garage door can be controlled via a remote control from your car, meaning you can open and close your door with the click of a button. Instead of having to get out of your car and walk over to the button every time you want the door to open or close, you can make use of this feature
    • Automatic garage doors are a prestige feature that add value to your home
    • Motorised garage doors are a great choice from a security perspective. Controlled by a keypad or remote, it is extremely hard to force an automatic door

Manual Garage Door

Timber Garage Doors

    • These doors are simpler and more straightforward, meaning that they are much faster and easier to install than a motorised door
    • Typically, manual doors are cheaper than automatic options as the design is less complex – if you are working to a budget this can be an ideal choice
    • They do not rely on power to open – the simplicity of the manual door means it can always be opened in the event of a power outage
    • Most manual doors can always be upgraded to an automatic model in the future if you decide you want it
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