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Measuring for Up and Over Garage Doors

Wessex Garage Doors specialise in supplying and installing up and over garage doors. To get the best possible results from your garage door, it is important to get the measurements right, so here is our guide for measuring up. It should be noted that in the UK, up and over doors are most often ordered by dimensions of the sub frame.

If you have any specific questions or simply would like more information about the up and over garage doors that we provide you can contact us today on 0800 161 3733.

Working with an existing frame

If you are having your up and over garage door fitted inside an existing sub frame (or the new frame has the same dimensions as the previous frame) you simply need to measure the internal frame dimensions.

First you need to measure the width of the sub frame from left to right in several places. Then measure the height of the sub frame in several places. It’s worth noting that if you find that your dimensions are very close to a standard ordering size then it can be a good idea to change up the frame so that the standard size can be used. This should save you both time and money.

Measuring for installation inside the opening

If you are installing a brand new door, mechanism and sub frame, all you need to be sure of is making the opening wider and taller than your garage door, but avoid making it higher or wider than the overall frame and door size.

First you need to measure the width and height of your structural opening in several places. Now you need to measure the smallest reveal width on both the left and right hand side of the structural opening. Finally, measure the smallest headroom dimension from the top of the opening to the lowest obstruction on the ceiling.

Measuring for installation in-between the opening

To measure for an installation that sits in-between a structural opening you need to focus on the width and height in that opening as the whole of the installation will be fitted in-between. Measure both the width and the height of the structural opening in several places. Take the smallest of the measurements in order to calculate the best door and frame size – but remember you’ll need some fitting tolerance.

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