Measuring for Steel Garage Doors

Wessex Garage Doors can offer you a huge selection of steel garage doors from high quality manufacturers. Read on for details on how to measure for your door.

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Measuring for Up and Over Steel Doors

Steel up and over garage doors are one of the most popular in the UK. When you’re measuring the door it will be for an existing sub-frame or to sit either in-between or inside a structural opening. When measuring within an existing frame you can simply take the height and width measurements from within the frame.

When dealing with a structural opening without a frame it can be a little more complicated. When installing inside the opening you need to measure the width and height of the opening in a range of places, noting down the smallest measurements. You then need to take the smallest reveal for the left and right sides of the opening, then measure the headroom from the top of the opening to the lowest point of obstruction on the ceiling. When installing doors in-between the open you only need to measure the width and height of the opening.

Measuring for Sectional Steel Doors

Depending on whether you are installing your sectional doors inside or in-between a structural opening you’ll need to provide very different measurements. For doors going inside the opening you will need to get information from the specific manufacturer that is creating your door, as they will have specific measurements required.

When installing in-between the opening you need to measure both the height and width of the opening and also the depth of the garage from the opening to the back wall. Once again, it’s important to measure in a number of different places and use the shortest measurement.

Measuring for Roller Steel Doors

There are two forms of roller doors – insulated and single skin. When measuring for insulated doors you’ll need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer that you are buying from as each has different needs. It’s important to measure the height, width and the inside faces on both sides of the opening. You also need to make sure that there is enough headroom for the rolled door.

For single skin roller doors you’ll need to know the manufacturer’s requirements before you can measure as there is no standardised form.

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