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Measuring for GRP Garage Doors

Working with some of the most renowned manufactures in the world, Wessex Garage Doors supplies and installs GRP garage doors. To ensure that you are getting the door that’s perfect for your home, it’s important to know how to measure correctly. Below is a guide for the steps you need to take measure your GRP garage doors, depending on the style of door that you’re buying.

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Measuring for Up and Over GRP Doors

There are three main options for up and over doors – you’ll either be installing your door in an existing frame, inside a structural opening or in-between a structural opening. It’s simplest if you’re working with an existing frame as you just need to supply the measurements of the width and height within the frame.

If you’re installing inside a structural opening you should measure the width and height of the opening in several places, making a note of the smallest measurement. Then you need to measure the smallest reveal on both the right and left sides of the opening. Finally you need the smallest headroom dimension by measuring the top of the opening to lowest obstruction from the ceiling. For doors that are going to sit in-between the structural opening you only need to provide the width and height of the opening.

Measuring for Sectional GRP Doors

For sectional doors you may be installing inside the opening or in-between it. When installing in-between an opening you need to measure the height and the width and also provide the depth of the garage, remembering to measure in a few places and using the smallest measurement.

When measuring for a door inside the opening you’ll need to refer to the requirements of the specific manufacturer that you are using as you will need to add a certain amount to the measurements.

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