In Depth: Steel Garage Doors

Marquess Decograin Golden Oak Steel Garage DoorGarage doors in a variety of different materials, all of which have their own advantages or disadvantages. The most popular type of garage door is made of steel, as they are competitively priced, are very low maintenance and come in a wide variety of styles and a large choice of colours. You can even get them in textures that look like wood, but without all the upkeep that wood requires to keep it looking good.

Insulation options

Another of the many advantage of steels doors are that you can buy them insulated, which is ideal for saving energy and reducing noise pollution. This is an important consideration if the garage is adjacent to the house, below a room in the house where cold air can escape through the ceiling of the garage into the house, or where the garage is perhaps used as a workshop. If the door is well insulated it will keep the garage warmer during the cold months of winter and also cooler during the warm summer months. Another benefit of insulation is that the door will generally operate more quietly, and has a more aesthetically pleasing interior when it is insulated. Steel doors also come with longer warranties than other types of garage doors.

A sturdy choice

The steel panels can vary in thickness, the lower cost options may have panels of between 27 to 28 gauge steel, they do not robust against impact, such as from footballs, but if this is not a requirement they will be suitable for a great many garages. The lower the gauge measurement the thicker the steel, so 25 to 26 gauge are used in mid-level doors. The top quality, stronger doors have a gauge of at least 24. Thicker steel is used for commercial quality doors, and some have thicker grade steel externally than they have internally.

Low maintenanceSteel garage door in snow

Steel doors can easily deal with the elements, they are not affected by the rain, humidity or heat in the way that wooden garage doors are. This reduces the maintenance costs and effort to a minimum and lengthens the lifespan of the door. Most steel doors are covered with a polyester coating which prevents the door from rusting.


automated garage door
All types of steel garage doors can be fully automated; safety features can be incorporated to ensure the door stops if it is obstructed and will immediate reverse to prevent causing any damage. They can be operated by remote control, which makes them convenient and simple to use, especially useful in bad weather and the dark nights. Where limited space is an issue, there is an option to have a sectional door which opens vertically, this means that cars can park just inches from the door without interfering with it working. As sectional doors take up less space than the more conventional up and over or side hinged doors, they are useful in providing more room for taller cars, such as 4x4s.

SecuritySteel garage door

Steel doors are also a very good choice when considering security. They are available with multi-point latch systems, and locking bars, helping to reduce insurance costs and keep everything in the garage safely protected. High-quality steel garage doors, when properly fitted, will last for years, giving you the peace of mind that your garage and home are secure for years to come.

Wessex Garage Doors

Here at Wessex Garage Doors, our high-quality steel garage doors come in a variety of styles, colours and finishes, making them an ideal choice for any home. We offer a two-year guarantee and If you’re interested in having a steel garage door fitted, get in touch with our team today.

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