Garages of the Stars

The surge in popularity of television programmes such as MTV’s Cribs and The Fabulous Life of… reflects our growing fascination in learning about lavish celebrity lifestyles and allows us to escape into a world of over-the-top extravagance. For celebrities, spending a substantial amount of money buying a flash new vehicle is as easy as popping down to your local supermarket to get a new carton of milk. However, it takes real money to store it in a garage which is far more amazing than most people’s homes!

This article will list a few of the top celebrity garages, famous for their palatial designs and flamboyant features.


Jay Leno

Boasting a fleet of over 200 cars, American talk show host Jay Leno has quite a few vehicles to house! And judging by his garage in Southern California, he certainly doesn’t do things by halves. His museum-like 17,000 square-foot garage is kitted out with a full machine shop, total mechanic tool set-up and complete mechanical team. Leno’s encyclopaedic knowledge of cars means he has an extensive collection of vehicles, featuring extremely rare cars, all of which are displayed to guests during an annual personalised tour of his garage to raise money for charity.


Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Car GarageNext on the list is fashion designer Ralph Lauren, who owns three garages to organise his 70 classic sports cars by brand and colour. His D.A.D Garage (named after his children David, Andrew and Dylan), is a two-floor garage where his beloved cars are mounted pride of place on white stainless steel counters illuminated by bright halogen lamps. For a subtle mechanic tone, the ceiling has been left in its original bare industrial condition, coated with white paint to give it a cleaner finish.


Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld garageHidden by an ordinary façade, comedian Jerry Seinfeld stows his 46 treasured Porsches in a hideaway located on a Manhattan side street. The plain exterior of the garage hides the luxurious storage space inside as, once entered, an elevator takes guests down to a grand underground garage. Not only does this three-story garage securely store his extensive collection of cars, there is also an 844 square-foot living space which includes a kitchenette, a bathroom, an office and a club room complete with a billiard table.

For ultimate security, it has even been rumoured that Seinfeld utilises the wonders of modern technology by receiving data on the condition of his garage and cars simply by checking his phone.


John Travolta

John Travolta garageFinally, owning a lavish garage which houses 15 cars, a private jet and a jumbo jet, it’s safe to say that actor John Travolta is hopelessly devoted to all of his vehicles. The site is fully-equipped with spots for his Gulftsteam jet and Boeing 707 and a 1.4 mile private runway leading up to the garage, making this one of the most extravagant garages today.



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