British Businesses that started at home / garage

While the story of building a multi-million pound corporation from a garage may sound like a Hollywood film, it in fact describes the humble beginnings of many globally successful companies such as Disney, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

While this may lead you to believe that garage and home business startups are predominantly an American concept, this is not the case. In fact, a host of British businesses were first established in homes and garages, and have since grown into lucrative reputable brands.

Lotus cars

Lotus Mark One

In 1948, car enthusiast Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman started Lotus Cars at the tender age of just 20 years old. He did so by building the first Lotus racing car in stables behind The Railway Hotel in Hornsey, North London, using just a 1930s Austin Seven model and a power drill to build the Lotus Mark I. Since its humble beginnings, Lotus Cars has flourished into one of the premier racing car manufacturers in the world.

Tangle Teezer

Tangle teezer

After making a name for himself in the hairdressing world, hair extraordinaire Shaun Pulfrey started his now globally successful range of Tangle Teezer hairbrushes from his two-bedroom flat. In fact, he packed his first batch of hairbrushes in the kitchen with his mum, swapping the hair salon for the comfort of his own home.

Cambridge Satchel Company

Red Cambridge Company Satchel bag

Founded in 2008, Julie Deane started her Cambridge Satchel Company from home with just £600. Following coverage by international fashion magazines and design collaborations, production of the satchels increased from three homemade items a week in 2011 to making 500 bags a day by 2014.

The list goes on…

From website design and catering to handyman services and flower arranging, there is a long list of businesses which can be set up from your home or garage with the potential to become lucrative ventures. When utilised correctly, garage space can offer a host of benefits  for budding business people and entrepreneurs. As discussed in one of our previous posts, there are various considerations when converting your garage into a usable space:

  • Safety
  • Space
  • Legalities
  • Time
  • Knowledge
  • Cost

Certain laws may not allow you to sell items from your garage, so make sure you research into the legalities of starting up your business from home before investing any time and money into your venture. Whether you choose to utilise your garage for business purposes, or would rather incorporate a storage room, playroom or gym into your property, make sure you use the space wisely so it fulfils your requirements.


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