6 Simple Tricks for Storing Christmas Decorations in your Garage

Box of decorations

Most people don’t like thinking about the end of the holidays, but that usually means that decorations and leftover wrapping paper get quickly thrown into a box to deal with next year! Before you banish your baubles back to the garage, make use of these simple storage hacks to keep them looking their best for next year.

1 – Baubles

Any box with in-built dividers is perfect for housing your Christmas decorations. Organise baubles by size or colour, and you’ll thank yourself next December. Don’t forget to employ a bit of newspaper or bubble-wrap to keep them extra secure. Alternatively, use egg boxes to store medium-sized baubles – if they’re safe enough to protect eggs during transit, they should be great for a year of sitting in your attic or garage.

2 – Fairy lights and garlands

Before you get rid of gift boxes or packaging, tear a couple of well-proportioned panels from the sides. Cutting notches into opposite sides of the cardboard, then wrap your strings of fairy lights (or tinsel or other garlands) around it, using the notches to keep it in place. Another option is to wind them around a coat hanger. You won’t spend another moment untangling!

3 – Ribbons

If you have heaps of ribbon leftover from wrapping gifts, keep them orderly by stacking them on an empty paper towel holder. Tape the loose end down to the rest of the roll, and you should find a nice row of neat spools next time you go to wrap a gift.

4 – Wrapping paper

Investing in some long, plastic storage boxes is often the easiest way of keeping wrapping paper rolled up, dry and dust-free. These can easily be stacked with similar boxes, rolled away under beds or tucked at the top of cupboards. If you need year-round access to your wrapping paper stash, you could stand them upright in a wastebasket instead.

5 – Tree

If your artificial tree gets a bit unwieldy, wrap it in cling film before you put it back in its bag or box. It will protect the branches from getting caught, and keep it dust-free through spring, summer and autumn. Next year, you only need to slice through the wrap and give the branches a little spruce up.

6 – All of your boxes

Now you’ve got everything very neatly organised into boxes, it’s time to store it somewhere. Like most people, you’re probably looking towards your attic or garage to keep your decorations out of sight until next year.

To save yourself tripping over them for the next eleven months, pick up some plastic boxes with lids that fit together, so you can safely stack your ornaments up against a wall. If your floor space is at a real premium, you could also store them from rails on the ceiling of your garage, just make sure that everything is clearly labelled so it’s easy to find next December.

This should help you to start getting your home back in order once the festive period is over, after you’ve finished enjoying mince pies and eggnog with your loved ones. Until then, everyone here at Wessex Garage Doors would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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