3 Garage Inventions Which Changed the World

Image on plans being drawn with a ruler and pencil

There’s something about garages which makes them so appealing to the creative mind. Whether it’s the isolation from distractions, or simply the functional nature of the space, some of the world’s most famous creations were all made possible thanks to the trusty garage workspace.
Perhaps the most revolutionary on this list is the Apple computer. Created by Steve Wozniak in Los Altos, California, the Apple I was essentially just an assembled circuit board, and was the first product for Apple Computer Company. Of course, we now know the firm as the multibillion-dollar Apple Inc, and their products can be found in the homes and pockets of millions of consumers around the world. If today’s prices seem a bit steep for some consumers, it’s worth remembering that this first ever personal computer cost over $2,800 in today’s money! While Wozniak has explained that the “device” wasn’t actually built in the now infamous garage, he has confirmed that their finished products would be finished and tested there, which is good enough for us.

Next, we have a product for the less technologically-inclined: the Yankee Candle. So much more than a wick and some fragrant wax, the Yankee Candle craze might not have been possible without the garage workshop of founder, Michael Kittredge. Aged 16, Kittredge created his first scented candle out of melted crayons, as a Christmas present for his mother. His success grew as his neighbours caught a whiff of his work (pun intended), and with the help of his high school friends Donald MacIver and Susan Obremski, Kittredge increased his production volume and created the Yankee Candle Company in 1969. Despite its humble origins, you can buy a Yankee Candle in almost 50 countries worldwide, and it has become a staple gift for mums every season.

Lastly, a modest garage in Los Angeles, California was the birthplace of the most ubiquitous icons of the last century. Need a clue? This garage-studio’s first picture was titled the “Alice Comedies”, and it is situated about 45 minutes away from what is now known as “The Happiest Place on Earth”… Disneyland! Brothers Walt and Roy Disney set up a workshop for drawing cartoons in their uncle’s workshop in 1923, which, with the help of Ub Iwerks, eventually led to the creation of Mickey Mouse in 1928. The Walt Disney Company is now the world’s second largest media conglomerate, and its associated World Parks and Resorts welcomed over 140 million guests through their gates in 2016.

So next time you’re told off for spending too much time tinkering in your garage, remember the proof that a garage is the perfect place to start taking over the world with your craft!

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